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We are proud to utilize the legendary Bose Sound System. With the professional-line Bose L1 Model 1 System, we receive praise by both, owners and staff of countless catering halls and venues. DJ’s with conventional speakers (which are placed high, on their tripod stands) often turn the volume up in order to fill the entire room with more sound. This often results in complaints from guests who can'’t hear each other speak or who’'s ears are cringing from the hideous highs and mid-frequencies which need continuous re-adjusting... …not to mention the muffled sounds of the bass causing distortion and inaudible announcements.

True fans of the Bose Sound System will tell you that there is no better, clear-sounding system available! We don’'t have to crank up the volume to fill your venue with a full, clear, clean sound. Our music can be loud enough for the guests to dance to, yet pleasant enough for others to carry on a conversation! You will hear great sound quality even towards the back of the room. And, our announcements will come across crystal clear and easy to hear!

The ground-breaking L1 System even brings a new, impressive look of audio technology to your event. The Bose L1 System looks like no ordinary speakers! The set up is clean, neat and uncluttered. They are tall and sleek. No more ugly boxy speakers set up on stands, right at your ear-level! No more loud, blaring volume in front of the DJ that drops off as you move towards the back of the dance floor! You will get a full, even, quality sound throughout your room…. You will be amazed at the difference!

Few DJ’s use the Bose L1 System. It’'s an expensive and phenomenal sounding system! But DJ’s that are passionate about their profession and truly care about quality sound for their clients and guests will invest in the best. At your request, you may sample the sound and view our system in our office/showroom! Can you tell we absolutely love these speakers? You and your guests will, too!

BOSE TECHNOLOGY at your event!

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